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This page provides support information for student interns. Here you will find links to resume help, legal information, and other internship related resources.




Current Internship Deadlines:


Fall 2023: .pdf



Spring 2023: .pdf



Summer 2023: .pdf


Internship Coordinators:  Click here!




International Entertainment Buyers Association Internship Scholarships: Click here!





Legal Information:


You are strongly advised to become aware of federal, state, and local laws regarding uncompensated workers before becoming an intern.



Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act: Click here!




New York Times article on internships and the law.  This article provides additional links for further information: Click here!




An article on internships and the law in straight-forward termsClick here!



Cover Letter-Resume-Reference Help:


RIM Cover Letter-Resume-Reference Guide: Click here!


MTSU Resume Writing Guide: Click here!


MTSU Reference Writing Guide: Click here!


MTSU Cover Letter Writing Guide: Click here!


MTSU Personal Statement Writing Guide: Click here!


More MTSU Career Resources: Click here!


Mashable Internship Article: Click here!







Department of Recording Industry: Click here!


Undergraduate Audio Production: Click here!


Master of Fine Arts: Click here!


Music Business Internship: Click here!


College of Media & Entertainment: Click here!


MTSU: Click here!